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Moira Purver

Trevor Chadwick Sculpture

In January 2020 i was first approached about producing a sculpture to celebrate the actions of Trevor Chadwick who came from my home town in Swanage.   Trevor based himself in Prague and helped to rescue 669 Jewish children from there in 1938/39.   He went out initially to bring back 3 children that had been sponsored by this school and his mother.  He returned to rescue as many more as he could.  He was an amazing man who made both the children and their parents at their ease while risking his own life.  He definitely deserves to be remembered and celebrated.  Donations to the project can be made through the Trevor Chadwick Trust Memorial website

The life size clay sculpture

The sculpture shows Trevor with 2 children. The one year old asleep in the crook of his arm is based on Trevor's own story of a baby who slept on his lap throughout the first flight.  The boy is a boy of around 6 and is clutching a toy plane, this is to represent memories of home but also the first group of children that Trevor brought back travelled by plane.  Trevor is shown relaxed and in casual clothes because contemporary information indicates this is how he was most comfortable.  It would not have been right to have attired him in a formal suit.  The Children are also relaxed because there are many tales of how he put everyone at their ease even in these very stressful situations.